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INDUSTRY366 Support-Local-Manufacture (SLM) 

If you’re designing a new product, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is whether to work with a domestic 

manufacturer or outsource your production overseas. While offshore manufacturing has some advantages, 

there are many more benefits of local manufacturing that make it the superior option.


Shorter distances mean less CO2 emissions

This sounds logical, but sometimes we don’t realize how much garments have to travel to arrive at the hands of a customer. When a garment is (fully) produced in a near country or even in the same country, there is less use of fuel necessary. Choosing railway transportation for instance becomes easier, which is a good option for the environment. Not to forget that being transparent about where you produce and how you transport your goods can get you a long way with consumers.

Boosting your local economy

They say ‘Put your money where your mouth is’ and what better way to support local economic than producing locally.  If local production grows, we are directly creating new jobs, sources of income and economic development. In the long run this will mean a bigger local market, which will brighten the offer of local producers. This is both beneficial for brands and manufacturers.

Better communication with manufacturers

It is known that when you are reaching out to an overseas manufacturer, communication can be a huge struggle. There are usually big cultural differences when it comes to work ethics, and this can make producing a challenge.

When producing locally the chances that there are large language barriers are lower, plus you will be both available in the same or similar time-zone, which makes it easier to call or mail and get instant response.

Easier control of production

When you are located near to the manufacturer, as a brand it becomes easier to do regular check ups, and see how your production is doing. This will at the end result in better quality garments, and in the long run a better understanding from the manufacturer of what you want and helps you build a trusting relationship with each other.

Fast delivery

As distances shorten, the time of transportation also reduces and deliveries will be quicker. When you have been in the industry for some time, you will know that deliveries can be a real headache. When producing locally you can forget about high taxes for importation and custom laws. Your orders will most likely be sent through one direct courier and will be easier to track down.

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